Andrew Tate - Why Should You Care?

Andrew Tate - Why Should You Care?

If you have been watching the news lately you may have heard the name Andrew Tate, or you might be a Big Brother fan and remember his name from that show (if you admit to being a watcher that is). Why should I be discussing him on this blog? Well by the end you will hopefully have a better idea why and also be in a better position to discuss him and his views with your child, especially if you have son's.

I'm not discussing him to make him famous, I want to make him infamous for the hate that he spreads and the influence he may hold over young children/teens in our community. He has been banned from pretty much all of the social media platforms now and of late that has been reserved for people like Donald Trump, I think you will agree not really role model material.

Andrew Tate was originally removed from Big Brother back in 2016 when a video emerged of him attacking a woman with a belt, something he obviously denied and stated that the video had been edited. Let's look at some of the things he has said since shall we?

  • He has suggested that rape victims "Bear some of the responsibility"
  • He has referred to women being "property" belonging to men
  • He also stated how he would violently assault a woman for accusing him of cheating, saying he would "bang out the machete, boom in her face and grip her by the neck"

Now I am sure I don't need to explain to any reader of my blog why such statements are not welcome in the world today, but just in case, I was raised to respect all people but in particular, I was taught never to raise a hand to, or disrespect a woman. We live in a society now where women don't need me to speak out about their brilliance, at work I am surrounded by strong, highly intelligent, independent women who challenge me to always be the best version of myself.

Unfortunately, Andrew Tate has built up his 'fanbase' across several social media platforms and as we all know this is where a lot of the young people of today do much of their socialising. For that reason, I felt a blog post was needed to raise awareness amongst the parents, carers and teachers who may be reading this. As kids are preparing to return to school, it could be a good time to discuss with them why the views of Tate are wrong and why he is not a suitable role model for any child.

Tate is a dangerous, misogynistic and homophobic individual and through his platforms has tried to groom the next generations of men to think his way, this we must stop! He is unfortunately not the only person of his ilk on the internet so it is better to listen to your children and be wary of any misogynistic or abusive language they may start using.

I remember from the very hazy and distant past being a young man and I remember how confusing a time it was emotionally, I would often look to older males as role models and try to emulate them, luckily for me the strongest male influence in my life was my father and that has seen me through life pretty well, not all young males are as lucky though.

Although he has been banned from the main social media platforms, his toxic videos are still being posted by others and so can be viewed, Tik Tok is the biggest problem with regards to this.  

Research by Hope Not Hate has described him as a "close associate of the far-right extremist" Tommy Robinson and claims he has a "long history of close association with a variety of far-right figures in the UK and America". If you want to research further into the subject then Hope Not Hate have written a pretty detailed blog on the subject here.

As always please do share and be safe.