Be Real - What To Know About The New Social Media App

Be Real - What To Know About The New Social Media App

The social media platform BeReal has become very popular in the last year and has now has  millions of downloads on the Apple and Android app stores.

The app is designed so that users are sent a notification at a randomized time each day. This notification lets them know that the two-minute slot to post a photo has begun and encourages them to post showing exactly what they’re doing in that moment.

Users are initially prompted to post within this two minute window, however they can also post at any time in the day. Users cannot see any of their friends’ posts until they have posted their own photo.

Users of BeReal can only post once a day, so private newsfeeds are limited to only show posts from friends that day. The app does not show posts from previous days, only showing users their own archived posts. The “Discovery” newsfeed, features posts that have been set to public mode, which can lead to increase amount of time scrolling.

The age restriction of the app is 13+, and there are privacy features, which you can take advantage of to ensure your child’s posts aren’t public.

To view the full guide on BeReal’s privacy settings, age restriction and digital wellbeing implications, head to Childnet’s website where this article was originally posted.