The worst day of my life so far

The worst day of my life so far

I am pretty vocal about my mental health issues and the reasons behind them, most of you know the kind of material I have had to witness and the kind of problems it has created for me.

All of that crap doesn't amount to this day in my history. Today is the 3rd anniversary of the death of my greatest mentor, protector, role model and hero, my father.

Time is indeed a great healer and it does help to dull the pain, even now though I will be watching the rugby or a gaelic football match and I will reach for the phone to call or text him, in that moment the crushing sense of loss will hit me all over again.

I can honestly say that I am the man I am today because of him, I fight everyday to move forward because that is what he taught me, he suffered with his health from the age of 35 after his first heart attack, but that never stopped him from always fighting and with a smile on his face he would do anything for his family and his friends. These are the morals that he instilled in me, leading by example. Without the lessons he taught me I would have taken a very different path in life and I don't think I ever properly thanked him for that.

Of course everybody eventually deals with the pain of losing a parent, but until that happens to you I will just say this, spend as much time as you can with them creating memories that you will be able to cherish, the moment they are gone is the moment you will wish you had more time.

I was fortunate I could be with him in the end, he saw me take my first breath in this world and I was there to see him take his last. You won't always be fortunate enough to be there with them, do try to make sure that everytime you speak to your parents, leave things in a positive way and you will never have to regret it.

I deal with a lot of parents through my volunteering to educate around the subject of online child safety and the one thing I know is that the majority of them are acting in your best interests to give you a better life than they had, it may not always seem that way from your perspective but trust in the fact that they like you and maybe even love you.

I wanted to write this post as a sign of respect to a great influencer in my life and in my own way try to prepare those who still have that to deal with.

Even with all my extra mental baggage, I have managed to get through the worst day of my life so far, rely on those you can trust in and talk to them and you will get through to a better day with time.

In memory of Oliver Felix McGleenon 1951-2019

Gone but never forgotten old man x

Slainte 🥃