TikTok 'Kia Challenge' - Parents Beware

TikTok 'Kia Challenge' - Parents Beware

I am hearing about a TikTok challenge, called the 'Kia Challenge', that became viral in the land down under and has already moved to the United States where it has claimed its first fatalities. In Buffalo, a Kia was stolen by 6 teenagers and 4 of them ranging in age between 14-17 were killed instantly, the 16yr old driver was treated for minor injuries and the other passenger is in intensive care.

It is believed that the theft of the Kia was linked to the TikTok challenge which involves the ability to steal the car by using a USB cable and screwdriver rather than the key. This challenge apparently also affects Hyundai and in the US they have seen an 85% rise in the theft of these vehicles since the challenge emerged.

As parents, I am sure that you would be horrified to think of your children going out and stealing cars, unfortunately, though social media challenges like this have the ability to make children believe it is just a fun dare that will get them some kudos amongst their friends. As highlighted by the news story above, it is certainly something that can end in tragedy for those involved but also for their families and friends.

I would suggest that those of you with children who might be in an age range with an interest in vehicles should maybe sit down and have a chat about this challenge and also the horrific outcome of the incident above. I am sure that most children and young adults who understand the severity of the above will realise that this is more than just a friendly dare and could lead to not only death or serious injury but also to a criminal record which could affect their future in a serious way.

I hope that this short article was of some use to you and please do feel free to share it with other parents, teachers or guardians who may find it of use.