Virtual Pet Therapy #1

Virtual Pet Therapy #1

One of the things I introduced at work during the dreaded COVID-19 lockdown was 'Virtual Pet Therapy' as I have mentioned in the past Leffe is not an official PTSD therapy dog, but as far as I'm concerned he is!

He has a skill for knowing when I am spiralling and he will just approach me and lay beside me, place a paw on my arm or leg and just be there with me on the moment, enough to ground me and keep me in reality.

I thought that I would share just a small amount of what he does for me by posting weekly pictures to help improve people's day's. Historically Wednesday is humpday and one that needs a little bit more motivation to get through.

So here you go, Leffe this week has been eating the blueberries that mummy grows in the garden, he also helps by hoovering up the ones that fall to the ground 😁. Although he isn't the strongest swimmer he does love a dip in the Avon and we have had the weather that needs it for sure!

We wish you all the best for the rest of the week and look forward to the next humpday for more.......