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Gaming Loot Box Risks

A short video highlighting the risks associated with in-game purchases called Loot Boxes. Please enjoy, subscribe, share and as always any feedback gratefully received!!

Online Safety - Communication & How To Have The Chat

Online life and offline life are just life-  For many of us, we see our online lives and offline lives as different, but children are growing up with technology and the internet and for them, there isn’t a difference; between online life and offline life it's just life. Technology can move at an extraordinarily fast pace and it can be difficult to know how to start talking to your child about what they’re doing online, who they might be speaking to or discussing the potential risks and issues.

Huggy Wuggy - Warning To Parents

Sorry about the wind noise! A quick one regarding the subject of a new cartoon /roblox character called Huggy Wuggy. Very concerning to the safety and mental wellbeing of younger children. I don't have social media so please share far and wide to help protect those we must protect.